Founded in 2009, Power Production Management has grown to become one of the most respected solar development firms in the Southeast United States.



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Alex Khokhlov

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Jason Gonos


"We've worked very hard since 2009 to build an honest and reputable company and express deep gratitude for those who have trusted us with over 500 of their projects."

- Alex Khokhlov



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Selena Patterson
Business Manager

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Katelyn Edwards
Executive  Assistant

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Jada Goksan
Residential Project Manager

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Peter Poulos
Commercial Project Manager

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David Griffis
Commercial Superintendant

Stefan Schmid
Design Engineer


Markandeya  Korula
Project Admin

Mark Gonos
Business Development

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Omid Ahmadi
Asset Management

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Mike Collins
Business Development

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Frank Touchton
Residential Field Supervisor

Brett Steinhagen Orlando Area Manager

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Angel Cruz
Crew Leader


Nick Sprague Installation

Scott Santa Maria Installation

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Bree Wasman Admin Support


Ethan Gilliland Installation


Brandon Stewart Installation

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Cameron Wallace Marketing


Nina Albino Residential Admin


Haku Emotional Support Specialist



In 2007, Alex Khokhlov and Jason Gonos met while working together on separate research projects for the University of North Florida. They shared an interest and vision for solar and began their work together in the solar industry. In 2009, Alex and Jason founded Power Production Management, before solar was popular or profitable, with a passion for solar energy and a goal of making it accessible to everyone.

Power Production Management’s mission is to provide complete customer satisfaction and build the most aesthetically pleasing, highest quality solar energy systems in the world. It is this commitment to customer satisfaction that has helped PPM establish a great reputation and grow across the southeast United States.

In 2015, Power Production Management was recognized by the University of Florida as one of the fastest growing businesses in the world led by a University of Florida graduate. With the vigor of proven leadership backed by committed investors and the unwavering zeal of a passionate and dedicated team, Power Production Management continues its quest to become a global solar energy leader.

Since 2009, Power Production Management has had the privilege to serve over 500 customers across various industries. With megawatts installed and megawatts in development, we are building a network of dedicated and responsible energy users, installers, and investors to bring your vision to life.


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