The yield from harvesting solar is guaranteed. Farmers can reduce utility expenses and produce energy on their own terms


Reduce risk

Farmers face fluctuations in market prices and risks related to crop performance. This volatility creates unpredictable revenue and hurts farmers' livelihood.

Consistent and predictable yields from solar combined with the low expense and low maintenance requirements of a system make solar the most reliable resource a farm can harvest.


Volatility in food prices

Source: UNFAO

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Reinvest in your farm



The difference in cost between paying traditional utilities and harvesting your own solar energy is real. By year 15, farms utilizing solar energy could pay 30% of their traditional utility expense. By year 30, that cost shrinks to 12%.

Grants for agricultural solar projects


Our team of experienced grant writers can help you determine if your agriculture project qualifies for a USDA renewable energy grant.


Case Studies


Du-Brook Dairy Farm
Casa Grande, Arizona

Reduce operating expenses without interfering with pasture land for cows.

134 kW rooftop mount solar energy system covering stables.

Generating 50% of their own energy and $26,000 each year.



Chestnut Farm
Power Production Management Project

Chestnut Farm is a quaint operation that wanted to harvest enough solar to power the house on premises without interfering with farm land.

An efficiently sized ground-mount system was installed in a dual-use chicken pasture.

The house now receives 100% of energy needs from the solar energy system.

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Our team of agriculture solar experts can help you qualify for USDA grants and generate consistent and reliable yields from harvesting solar.