Four common pathways to solar



Avoid all upfront costs and pay only for the energy you use.

  • No upfront costs

  • System owned and maintained by a third party

  • Pay only for the energy used

  • Locked-in rates for 15+ years


Pay the same guaranteed rate.

  • Optional buyout schedule

  • System owned and maintained by a third party

  • Pay the same rate every month, guaranteed

  • Guaranteed for 15+ years


All expenses upfront with cost-free energy.

  • One time payment upfront

  • 3-5 year payback period followed by 20+ years of free electricity

  • You own the system

  • Fastest return on investment

publicly AVAILABLE financing

Utilize financing and government loan options.

  • Newly available subsidized loans

  • Lease to own options available

  • Government loan programs

  • Property assessed financing

What option is best for you?


Our solar finance experts can help you decide which project finance structure best meets your needs.