Take Control of Your Solar Project.


Inspections with Infrared Thermography

IR Array Scanning

Solar system testing presents unique challenges to all operators - from homeowners to utilities. Infrared (IR) scanning can solve some of them at a fraction of the cost and time compared to routine testing and commissioning.

IR thermal imaging is performed by handheld devices and drones. PPM has all the equipment and a licensed drone pilot on staff.

Thermal Scans allow for exceptions or anomalies to be clearly defined and detailed in the thermal image. Scanning is performed under normal operating conditions without disruption of service. Inspection is conducted to locate: dead strings, hot spots, gas pockets, cell cracks, short circuits, and other anomalies in PV arrays.

Commissioning Services

PV Commissioning

I-V Curve Testing is a comprehensive commissioning test. PPM carries out all commissioning services required by IEC 62446:2016. We measure the relationship between current and voltage while varying the electrical load from open circuit to short circuit, producing a characteristic current vs voltage (I-V) curve. Measurements then are converted to STC and module performance is verified.

This highly controlled test includes the following measurements: current, voltage, ambient temperature, cell temperature, irradiance, and insulation resistance.

Advantages of ADVANCED PV Testing

New Projects: Quickly assess compliance and proper completion of your solar project.

Existing Projects: Maximize your revenues by quickly identifying weak links and conducting preemptive, early, and general service while keeping manufacturers and contractors accountable for their warranties.