Why SunPower?

Solar cells that don't fail under conditions that destroy their conventional counterparts, minimal installations that hide components and reveal a sleek and streamlined system, and the the industry best complete system warranty. We install SunPower exclusively for new home solar systems.


SunPower solar by the numbers



1 day


7 years


25 years


40 years


Industry leading technology


Patented cell technology

Conventional solar cells damage easily and lose power over time. SunPower's patented Maxeon® solar cells are uniquely designed for highest efficiency. Their copper-backed design reinforces cell strength, resists corrosion and produces more electricity over time.


highest efficiency solar panels

SunPower panels are stronger and more efficient than conventional panels. SunPower panels can match the 25-year performance of a conventional panel in only 17 years. This means more energy and a longer system lifespan for you.


24/7  monitoring

EnergyLink shows you how much solar energy you are producing, how much you're consuming, and tracks your lifetime electric bill savings.

With four different auto-backup options, you always have access to your system and never lose track of your lifetime savings.  


Best warranty in the industry

warranty seal.png

SunPower is the only company that stands behind your entire system, not just the panels. Their 25-year warranty includes all parts, labor, and shipping. Best of all, SunPower warranty claims don't require receipts, proof-of-purchase, or written claims. Just call us and we'll take care of everything.


SunPower success stories

Michael knew he wanted solar energy and chose a SunPower system because of its curb-appeal. His Equinox system is the best looking installation in his neighborhood.

The Schulte Family was concerned with keeping their family cool without having a big impact on their electric bill. With SunPower, they now produce all of their own energy.

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Is solar right for you?

Easy and pressure-free

With just a phone call or email we can determine if solar energy is an appropriate option for your home. If you're happy with the results of the initial consultation, we'll schedule an in-home visit where you'll meet some of our team, view product samples and installation photos, and decide for yourself if you want a SunPower system on your roof. 


Why wait?

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