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Commercial Materials

SunPower P-Series

SunPower X-Series 470 Watt Commercial Panel

REC TwinPeak 72 Series

Panel Claw Mounting Structure


Residential Materials

SPR 327DC - Most Cost-Effective Way to Pair SunPower with Energy Storage, 20.4% Efficient

SPR 327AC - Most Cost-Effective Equinox Option, 20.4% Efficient

SPR 350AC - All-black Equinox Option, 21.5% Efficient*

SPR 360AC - Equinox 360 Watt Option, 22.2% Efficient**

*Highest Efficiency Commercially Available Black Backing Solar Panel on the Market
*Highest Efficiency Commercially Available White Backing Solar Panel on the Market 

Invisimount Mounting Structure - Low-Profile, No visible rails, 25 year warranty

REC N-Peak Residential Solar Panel - Available as of September 2018

SolarEdge HD-Wave - 99.2% efficient Inverter Solution


Energy Storage Solutions

SolarEdge StorEdge Inverter

LG Chem Battery


PPM Warranty

Generic Warranty

Sample Module Warranty



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