Tesla Home Charging Installation

How do i install my Tesla home charging station?

Step one: Request a quote for installation.

We are a local licensed solar and electrical company, trained and authorized by Tesla to install your home charging equipment.

Step two: Approve the quote.

Tesla recommends to charge your Tesla is at home, overnight. Plug in when you get home and wake up to a full charge every morning.

  • Desired installation hardware (Wall Connector or 240 volt outlet)

  • Circuit breaker/power level

  • Any additional electrical system upgrades, if necessary

  • Permit and inspection, when applicable

  • You will need to order your own Wall Connector

Installation can be scheduled after the quote is approved.

Step three: Schedule Your Installation.

We recommend scheduling your installation as soon as possible, as availability dates can vary.


Wall Connector

Tesla recommends the Wall Connector as the most dynamic home charging hardware for Model S, Model X and Model 3. Customizable to almost any power supply, the Wall Connector will provide faster charging speeds and the most convenience for home charging.

Learn more about the Wall Connector.


Mobile Connector

The Mobile Connector is included with all new vehicles as standard equipment. Use this connector cable to plug into various 110 volt or 240 outlets as a backup charging option.

Learn more about the Mobile Connector.